ed. His attention was all on the football, and he didn’t see Edmilson rushing up beside him.

“Edmilson is here!” 西安夜桑拿网 “Danger!” “Be careful behind” the commentator, fans and Werder Bremen players all exclaimed. Especially those Werder Bremen fans who are close to the sideline of Glory are waving their arms and shouting at him, reminding him to pay attention to Edmilson beside him. But Rongguang still didn’t respond. He didn’t even look back at the surrounding […]

style of play.

At that time, the concept of the so-called spatial power forward was not popular yet. As a long-time man, you were dragged out to fly a kite, which was unacceptable to many coaches. But it’s different now, because Wayne has already taken two rings, so people’s perceptions have also changed. Power forwards do not necessarily have to go to the […]


tory. Hero. Because of his help in tackling tough issues, “Ai Feng”‘s pressure has alleviated a lot. In early March, in the game against the Bulls, the 76ers also defeated the Bulls for the first time this season. Similar to the previous script for playing the Bulls, the Bulls established a lead through a more robust defensive counterattack after the […]


I have to say that this adjustment of the Wizards is in place. Now, it depends on whether Sun Hao can break through McGrady’s defense. Payton has the ball to the frontcourt, ready to continue to give the ball to Sun Hao. But at this moment, Sun Hao made a new tactical gesture to him. Payton was a little surprised, […]