was thick fog outside the door, and he couldn’t even see the courtyard wall of the neighbor’s house that was less than ten meters apart. Milne has long been accustomed to this. Early mornings in the overseas islands are always accompanied by thick fog. When the sun rises, these small droplets of water vapor will disappear. In his luxury carriage, […]


o things in the envelope, a portrait and a letter. Minna took the portrait, and Chu Ke opened the letter paper. The first line of the letter paper reads Cthulhu Priest——Dai Xunna, life and death. Taru, when I go back, help me bring a message to my wife, saying that my friend is holding a New Year’s party and I […]


with confidence. Almost at the same time, Mage Owen and the Eight-Armed Snake Demon moved. In the distant sky, seeing the two start to fight, Lord White Dragon slipped silently from high to the battlefield. Chapter 347: The True Role of the Orb The battle between the two high-level legends produced a violent explosion, and the billowing heat waved in […]


and rushed to the Hanged Weasel. Seeing the White Dragon Lord not far away, Felicia, who had been nervous, was extremely surprised, and shouted at her companion: Withdraw! My brother is good at wide range strikes! We will become a burden if we stay! After evading 西安夜网论坛 the soul-breaking arrow, the Hanged Ferret concentrated all its energy on the White […]


tedtoremainsilent. “TingLing”rangthedoorbellandgaveHanGuoashock.Withabreath,HanGuoopenedthedoorandgreetedXuZhengxunandLiMinzhe.ThenandXuYunmei. “Um” “Ah,whathappenedtoyouandRepresentativeHan?NowIdon’tevenwanttoseeme,andI’mimpatienttoseeyou.Whatdidyoupromisetvn?” HanGuogangwantedtosaysomethingtoXuYunmei,butwasinterruptedbyXuZhengxun.SeeingthatXuYunmeigreetedHanGuowithacalmsm西安耍耍网 ile,withoutanyotheremotions. Hanhadameal.Hedidn’trushtosayanything,butlookedatXuZhengxun:”Callthenameandsaythatyouareinterestedinthescript.Youarenotthere,andIwashit.Couldyouletmeavoidit?” XuZhengxunfrownedhelplessly:”Thendon’tyou.Actually.NowthatIhavebeenmisunderstood,Ifeelthattherelationshipismoretenseinexplicably.” HanGuofrownedandlookedathim:”ThenwhotoldyouthatItoldhimaboutthesubstance?!Ididn’tgiveitifIwantedthescript.Say.IwanttotrytocooperateandtalkabouthowIsaidI’mlookingforyou,howwouldyouletmeperfunctory?Justignorehimanddance”JiangnanStyle”?” “Ha!” XuYunmeicoveredhermouthandsmiled.LiMinzhealsolaughed.XuZhengxunwaschokedoutoftemper,butitwasnotthefirsttime. Songsongcollar,XuZhengxunwavedhishand:”Don’tgothesedays.I’lltrytotalktoRepresentativeHan.” HanGuoshruggedanddidnotspeak,butlookeda西安桑拿网 tXuYunmei,hesitated,andcoughed.:”Well,AssistantXu’spersonnelchanges” “Haha.” XuYunmeilaughedagainandcouldn’thelpturningherhead. XuZhengxunwastakenabackandlookedatHanGuowithcontempt:”Onlyfivepeople,thepersonnelchangesinthewool.Justsayyoucandoityourself.Justaskifyoumadetheproperarrangementsforher.” HanGuosquintedhiseyesandclenchedhisfists. XuZhengxunstoodupsubconsciouslyandsawXuYunmei’sweirdexpression.Hecoughedandwanderedaroundandsaid:”Shewillfollowmeinforeignaffairs.Anyway,thestudiowillexpandinthefutureandtherewillnotbeenoughpeople.Ihavenosenseofbelonging.Fortunately,AssistantXuisnotthatway.It’sgoodtobeascreenwriter.” HanGuoexhaled,butlookedatXuYunmeiwithadrysmile:”Okay,it’sgoodsheisgoodandIamfine.” XuYunmeismiledandsaidtoHanGuothatshewillstilldoitinthefuture.Colleagues,Ihopetotakecareofme. AsforXuZhengxun’scontemptuousgaze,HanGuoshouldbeinvis


uards are basically there, and Annie and Buckland are also present as guests. Filipitz’s bravery brought a lot of intelligence to Alpine Castle, making them know far more about the enemy than the enemy. Lord Lord was startled when he heard that it was a legion. In his impression, a regiment had at least 20,000 to 30,000 people. For example, […]


g room. Yes! The sound of leather boots colliding under the tabletop. The dining room suddenly became very quiet, only the sound of food chewing converging into a torrent, occasionally mixed with a knife to touch the porcelain plate. I have a proposal. Annie raised a white hand. Say. Lord Lord snapped his fingers. The people who had been immersed […]


Richard’s spiritual perception can be called a human radar, which can be seen at a glance. But these three people are not like that, they are more gloomy and darker. On the whole, he felt a little plausibly familiar with the Holy Light, but it was very different. And you can hide in the undead without being attacked, it must […]

he saw a big toad holding a plurality of swans gnawing wildly. I can’t blame her for making a fuss—at this moment Richard is lying on a large rattan rocking chair, behind him are half a dozen bunny and goat girls, some holding mats to shade the lord, some Fanned out a breeze with a feather fan, and two others stood behind and concentrated on loosening the board for him. The girls of these two races are very delicate and lovely in figure and appearance, and their respective racial characteristics add amorous feelings. Yingying and Yanyan squeezed together, almost comparing those flowers and birds. Chapter 73 The naturalist Buckland coughed and coughed. The lord laughed twice without embarrassment, clapped his hands, and the maids cleverly formed a line and walked away. Alas, I am soft-hearted. After the battle was over, many tribes died, and these vassal tribes could not survive without the protection of their sovereign. Richard’s face was full of pity and compassion, as if a monk who was sweeping the floor worried about hurting the ants, they took the initiative to go to the mountain fort, who would bear to refuse. Later, Gunther was wrong, it was Nehru, and this guy made some bad ideas all day long. Saying that those girls are helpless, and choosing some to be maids is also a good deed. He seemed to be a priest of Renxin who was worried about moths fighting the fire and used gauze to cover the lamp. He did not see the blood-colored ripper in the tavern bard’s mouth. It can be seen that many rumors in this world are unreasonable. It doesn’t matter to me that Nehru was silent for a while looking at the Lord Lord’s expression, it was my idea. So you are willing to obey? Annie rolled her eyes. This person even includes all intelligent beings in a broad sense. Once they have more contact with Gaoshan Fort, it is hard to say anything else. Rolling their eyes must learn quickly. No, I rightfully refused. Richard touched Qiqiu’s furry ears, his serious expression remained for a while, and then he smiled s

s no branch to choose, a complete heavy cavalry route. Perhaps because of the excessive use of the power of the earth travel dragon, he neglected to cultivate himself. Generally, the initial level of Sgar warriors is not high, and there are a few second-orders in the first level. The barbarians of the order are simply incomparable. However, Lord Lord was surprised to find that, perhaps because of a special blood kinship, the Earth Travelling Dragon attached to the Skal had actually been recognized by the system. In the panel, the Earth Dragon is still attached to the Skal. It seems that every time the rider advances, they can also expand with the formation of the Alpine Fortress. The largest number is the Barbarians, the number is close to two hundred. . Next is the Skal, about eighty, but still double the number of centaur less than forty. Coupled with the spellcasting team formed by Nehru and Hemha, the total number of guards has reached more than 300. If necessary for war, Alpine Fort could also indicate the same number of werewolves and dwarf militias to help out, and the combat effectiveness was also reasonable. But that’s it, and then continue to expand the scope of signs, there are only goatmen and bunnymen who have no fighting power. Would you like to try the most popular gadgets in Gaoshan Fort? Gunther bent down and stretched out his fist, and gently touched Abu. Hutt stood behind him winking, and playing cards flew between ten fingers like butterflies. Ok. Abu shrugged. He had no interest in general vulgar entertainment, but it was not easy to refuse the kindness of his colleagues when he first came. Master Richard, I heard by accident that you are looking for the Secret of Fighting Qi? At dinner time, Buckland took the initiative to ask Richard. The news he had just heard from Annie in the morning, and now it’s only on sale now. Yes. Lord Lord was scooping peas stewed ham with a spoon. Hearing this, he looked up at Buckland’s old face full of folds, chewing and vaguely asked: Is there a