eally poisonous, and he didn’t intentionally ask for it. It’s totally unintentional to be angry with you, which makes people even more angry.

“Hey, Zhou Yi, do you know why you didn’t have any girlhood when you were in high school?” Zheng Lulu countered. “I know I know” Zhou Yi nodded his head again and again. In fact, he knew that he was wrong when he said that. “It’s my mouth.” Zheng Lulu laughed when she saw Zhou Yi, a big star who […]

style of play.

At that time, the concept of the so-called spatial power forward was not popular yet. As a long-time man, you were dragged out to fly a kite, which was unacceptable to many coaches. But it’s different now, because Wayne has already taken two rings, so people’s perceptions have also changed. Power forwards do not necessarily have to go to the […]


nch. Since the Lakers won the championship last season, many Los Angeles fans are looking forward to taking drugs to lead the Lakers to establish a new three-game winning dynasty. Dynasty… It seems that because Jordan’s three consecutive championships and the OK combination’s three consecutive championships are relatively close, the three consecutive championships happen more frequently, so many fans mistakenly […]


on? Sophie opened her eyes wide, trying to see from Zhang Jun what he was thinking. Sometimes Zhang Jun is too unexpected. But he could only see Zhang Jun’s back, he was slowly getting up from the ground, bowing his head and ignoring anyone. “Ahhh! Zhang Jun actually shot this inevitable goal! A great opportunity! What a pity!” The commentator […]


essary, otherwise they don’t have much communication with us. Otherwise, the nature of the case has long been clear, and there is no need to spend such a big week. Well, besides them, there is also an anti-drug squad in the detachment, which is led by the detachment and also under the guidance of the Narcotics Bureau. It is also […]


Su Ping raised his eyebrows. “II was arrested, and there was no luck. It must have happened. I just wonder if you can give me a chance to do meritorious service?” Wu Chao’s voice fell a bit lower. “You have something to explain?” Su Ping narrowed his eyes and pointed to his shoulder: “The law enforcement recorder is on. If […]