ssic shot in the NBA!” Sun Zhengping explained with emotion on Datianchao TV.

“Fenghuang mighty!” “Brother Feng is domineering!” “Brother Feng is invincible in the world!” Fortunately, Ewing couldn’t hear the commentary from Datianchao TV station, but it seemed okay to 西安夜网论坛 hear it? Isn’t it just incompetence and rage anyway? On the court, the Knicks attacked, Houston ran out of the open and the large two-pointer shot. Huh! 15 to 8. Strong, […]


the game on the spot, hadn’t finished speaking. Suddenly, he saw a huge figure rushing into the penalty area, leaping high, flying into the air, and receiving it. The basketball that just came out of the frame. Kobe stood at the basket, looking up at the unexpected guest. He couldn’t see the man’s face because of the backlight. Only see […]


me. You didn’t have a good rest. Go to sleep first. “It’s okay.” Xun Mu waved his hand: “Don’t mother-in-law, I can stand it.” “Really?” “Yeah.” ” Okay.” Seeing that he said so, Su Ping was no longer polite, and immediately softened. Nod and leave. When Qi Yuanchu was on the spot, seeing Su Ping walking away, he coughed twice […]


t cannot be changed.” Penny took a deep breath, “I admit that I was involved in the previous assassination of Brother Petty, and I don’t regret doing this, because I represented Sukh Plain at 西安夜生活论坛 the time, and this war was not me either. The matter with brother Pedi” “You cooperate with the Undead Army to fight against the world […]