and only the delegates who participated in the lottery can see it.

Stern announced the attribution of the lottery from back to front. Because there are many transactions before the draw, the final result announced is also the current owner of the draw. 13th overall, the Suns; 12th overall, the Bucks; 11th overall, the Sonics; 10th overall, the Bucks; 9th overall, the Knicks; 8th overall, Houston Team; 7th overall, Bulls; 6th overall, […]

This whole Kidd is helpless.

I wanted to play a sneak attack of’fast and slow attack’, so there was no chance. Chen Xiao has no chance here, and the opportunity for a fast break cannot be avoided. Since the admiral is not ready to go in, he will hit the ball to Martin inside. Martin did not try to challenge Duncan. After receiving the ball […]

age of manpower for the second position!

In the game that just ended, Dragic has to jump repeatedly in the first and second positions. Because after the King was suspended, Tony didn’t have a serious substitute. After Tony went off the field, the Blazers have always used Anthony Parker to defend Kobe, but the effect was not good. It was also during the period when Tony was […]

eally poisonous, and he didn’t intentionally ask for it. It’s totally unintentional to be angry with you, which makes people even more angry.

“Hey, Zhou Yi, do you know why you didn’t have any girlhood when you were in high school?” Zheng Lulu countered. “I know I know” Zhou Yi nodded his head again and again. In fact, he knew that he was wrong when he said that. “It’s my mouth.” Zheng Lulu laughed when she saw Zhou Yi, a big star who […]

ssic shot in the NBA!” Sun Zhengping explained with emotion on Datianchao TV.

“Fenghuang mighty!” “Brother Feng is domineering!” “Brother Feng is invincible in the world!” Fortunately, Ewing couldn’t hear the commentary from Datianchao TV station, but it seemed okay to 西安夜网论坛 hear it? Isn’t it just incompetence and rage anyway? On the court, the Knicks attacked, Houston ran out of the open and the large two-pointer shot. Huh! 15 to 8. Strong, […]

. Even if he stretches his leg to stop the ball after Zhou Yi, he can really touch the football, so Zhou Yi must do his best to protect the football.

In this way, he still wants to create opportunities, which is almost impossible. Zhou Yi seemed to be aware of this, so he gave up the opportunity to continue to look for opportunities in front of Boateng. He suddenly swung the football to the outside of his body with the outer instep of his right foot, then turned around and […]

d to open the envelope. Just looking at the name Gilbert, Stern can feel the full negative energy in the letter.

If it’s just e-mail, the key is to like to write personal letters. The word “injustice” is revealed between the lines. “What’s wrong with him?” Stern looked at the letter in his hand and covered his forehead. What evil did I do! Why go through this! ? “You know, since LeBron left, he has been very dissatisfied.” The joke spreads […]