n a red vest and appeared on the sidelines, looking like he was about to play, he was frightened-what’s going on? Rong, who has never played a game before, is going to play?
It was not only him who was frightened, but some people were even more surprised than him.
The other youth team players were a hundred times more surprised than Lucas.
Lucas is Rongguang’s best friend in the youth team. He knows how fast Rongguang has progressed, and he is surprised by this. Others can’t figure it out even more.
Why does this rookie also have to play the game? Does he still count on going to the first team? Do not make jokes? !
How can a rookie who has only studied football for more than a month go to the first team?
The first team is dead, and our youth team too!
It’s impossible for the youth team to die! He can’t even 西安桑拿夜网 compare to those younger players!
The players of the youth team watched stunnedly as Rong Guang ran onto the court after finishing warming up on the sidelines.
At the same time, the red team forward Kleiber who was replaced looked very depressed and frustrated-he was replaced by Honor! Does this mean that you have lost the 西安品茶网 opportunity to show yourself in front of the first-team head coach and assistant coach?
“Poor Kleber must be a very upset rookie, right?” The
other youth team players also felt sympathy for Kleber’s experience, and felt sorry for him.
Their aversion to glory is even more point-this rookie clearly hasn’t completed the basic exercises, so he came to grab our chance, and Kleiber has already lost the opportunity!
It’s all because he played so hard on the sidelines. It seems that maybe he did it on purpose? Deliberately use this method to attract the idea of ??the first team coach? And he succeeded!
Rongguang wears a red vest to play. He is a player of the red team. He plays as a striker. Since knowing that the striker makes the most money, he told the coach that he is a striker, so Rojas asked him to play. The forward is 西安洗浴网 also logical.
He and h